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Bewares of imitation or fake product


The world's only genuine Pi-Water : WonYong Pi-Water
The quality of "Pi-Ceramic" of Pi-Water system, the core substance is entirely different

Bewares of imitation or fake products
Genuine WonYong
-water products are developed and produced according to WonYong -Water original technology.
We are supplying the original Pi-Water only according to the original principle of Pi-Water.
The quality is completely different from that of all other imported ones(counterfeits).
The fake Pi-Water has not actual effect at all.

Frequently asked questions about fake products
- Pay special attention to some fake advertisement even though it is not actual Pi-Water, especially in Japan and USA. Original Pi-Water manufactured by original technology of WONYONG that is completely different from products made in Japan or America. Pi-Water products that from all other manufacturing companys(from Japan or America, etc) are 100% fake(It is not actually Pi-Water).

Case 1. Imitation products made by companies in Japan or USA, other Asia, other Korea.
Case 2. Advertisement that they produce Pi-Water(moreover, they advertise with Pi-Water theory's data),
but their fake products(Fake "pi-water ceramic", "pi-water filter", "pi-water system"...) don't have
actual Pi-Water effects at all.
Case 3. Fake advertisement that Pi-Water is by far infrared ray(FIR) or magnetic effect.
Original WonYong -Water technology is entirely unrelated to
"Far-Infrared Rays(FIR)" or "Magnetic" or "Alkaline including magnesium".

[Attention] Bewares of imitations.
There are some fake Pi-Water being sold in the market, confusing some consumers.
The fake Pi-Water has not actual effect. Therefore, pay attention to buying the Pi-Water.
[Notes] You can not expect the real effect of Pi-Water when it comes to imitations.

[ FAQ ]

* Is the WonYong Pi-Water the only in the world as a genuine Pi-Water according to the original technology of Pi-Water?
Yes, it is.
Our company is strictly protecting our original technology from disclosed to other. So, no other company can manufacture it.
Imitation Pi-Water products which are made in Japan and USA are all fake products with no correct effect of the Pi-Water.
We are manufacturing and supplying uniquely the original Pi-Water based on the principle of Pi-Water. So, pay attention to the imitations.
The product which is not the original WonYong Pi-Water supplied by us has no or only a weak effect.

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