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[ Water Revolution ]
The World's Only Genuine π-Water by WonYong
This is the Only Real π-Water !!
Infinitely Close to Life, The Ultimate(Ideal) Water for Life.

Characteristics of the World's Only Genuine WonYong π-Water

These contents on our website are all about the world's only genuine π-Water, "WonYong π-Water"
just by WONYONG(manufacturer).
These effects demonstrate only by genuine WonYong
We have no relation with any other manufacturers of imitation π-water(counterfeits from Japan, USA, etc.).

The π-water was found during the research on the flowering mechanism of plants. In this study, it was found that the important role in flower buds was the organic water of the plant. The π-water is what a very small amount of ferric-ferrous salts are applied to water using the special method. The π-water is the water induced from the highly energized state of the ferric ferrous salts. Through verification, it was known that this water plays a very important role in creatures.
π-water is called "Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water)". This is induced from a infinitesimal amount of iron base (ferric-ferrous salts) and promotes the vitality of creatures and adjusts the balance of harmonic metabolism(adjusts balances between yin and yang). It is the water with high life activation energy, which is the closest to living organic water. The word "π(Pi)" means the vitality, and also means the life.
All materials in the nature is oxidized and destroyed as they are left untreated, finally destroying their own structure. However, the living organisms have biological mechanisms to take in external substances and improve their functions (elevation of energy level) to reach the complicated but safe structure. Ferric-ferrous salts play an important role in elevating the energy level. Material which prevents oxidization and destroying and also promotes the vitality is just the lipid compound of ferric-ferrous salts.
The original WonYong π-water product is produced using the only original technology of WonYong
π-water. It is induced from the memory & transcript reaction of living body materials based on the infinitesimal amount of iron salts loaded in the lipid which has the memory of life information similar to the living organic water.
WonYong π-water prevents the abnormal factors in the activity of life with the reaction of special Ferric-ferrous iron salts and induces the life to get all their original functions.

Origin of WonYong
During the study on how the plant has the bud differentiation, it has been known that the special hormone activity of florigen was the key factor. In more study, it was found that the important role in the flower bud differentiation is organic water which contains the infinitesimal amount of ferric-ferrous salts in the plant.
It was also found that a infinitesimal amount of ferric ferrous salts in the lipid gets the information on the temperature and light.(Such, ferric-ferrous salts in cellular lipids acts as a carrier of information that is not only maintain the given informations but also transfers the memory to its entire surrounding.) In human body, it was found that it is located in cellular membrane and lipids.
It has been confirmed that this organic water has molecular structure, physical features, and biological activities completely different from normal water.
WonYong had conducted our own careful and exhaustive research the organic water and discovered that when a infinitesimal amount of Ferric/Ferrous (iron) salts
were in an excited state by highly energized reaction, the energy content of water increased dramatically.
Ferric-ferrous salts is basic element of meaning the fundamental substance of living organisms and ferric-ferrous salts, playing an important role in construction of biological system. The term "organic water" maintaining and supporting biological structures.
The water in this state which is made by WonYong
[the iron base of ferric-ferrous salts is combined(memorized life informations) with the living body materials] is called the Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water).
The name of Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water) indicates the organic water which sustains the components inside the living organism.

"WonYong(Korea, Water Science Resercher, Namgung Geol)" have been studying the functional water, Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water) from on the organic water.
WonYong develped the new functional Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water), which is almost identical to the water in the body and the closest to organic water. The original technology that is supported by Korea government.(by "educational-industrial-Institute-government complex research & development project" at Inje University.)
WonYong created ideal functional water(completely different from the existing functional water) to our body that is the only genuine π-Water[Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water)] in the world.
These contents are all about the very genuine π-water only by WonYong manufacturer.

WonYong π-Water technology supported by Korea government.

Amazing Water, Miraculous WonYong π-Water, Wonderful Healthy Water
The Best Choice for Your Health!! Original WonYong π-Water

π-Water is the water with biological information memorized at special substance of ferric-ferrous salts. WonYong π-Water is also called Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water).
WonYong original π-Water theory says that, while natural substance's structure is destroyed over time, living organisms have biological mechanisms to take external substances and improve their functions (elevation of energy level) for realization of complex, but stable structure. Ferric-ferrous salts plays an important role in elevating the energy level. WonYong π-Water is produced through complex reaction of infinitesimal amount of ferric-ferrous salts with living body materials according to our own original genuine WonYong π-Water technology. WonYong π-Water removes abnormal obstacle factors of life metabolism & helps living organisms maintain healthy conditions due to the reaction of special ferric-ferrous salts in lipid components that carries biological information.
※ WonYong is the only genuine π-Water manufacturer(The only right quality of π-Water) in the world.
※ These contents are all about "WonYong genuine π-Water" just by WONYONG(manufacturer).
These effects demonstrate in actuality only by WonYong genuine π-Water.
※ WonYong π-Water have not any artifical additives or chemicals added.

The world's only genuine π-Water by π-Water original theory(principle)
Genuine WonYong π-Water
Original π-Water Technology _ WONYONG Corp.

Counterfeits from Japan, U.S.A, etc.
Genuine WonYong π-water products are developed and produced according to WonYong original π-Water technology. The quality is completely different from that of all other ones(counterfeits from Japan, USA, etc.).
※ Genuine WonYong π-Water technology is entirely unrelated to "Far-Infrared Rays(FIR)" or "Magnet" or "Alkali(Over pH 8.0 - Unbalance pH to body - Causes side effect)".

WonYong π-Water is induced from the excited(highly energized) state of very small amount of ferric-ferrous salts that have excellent antioxidant effect of protecting human bodies from active oxygen(=free radicals) that causes various diseases and stresses(removing harmful active oxygen cause cancer, diabetic, hypertension and etc.), neutralization actions from harmful toxins(Controls oxidation reduction reaction ; detoxification action) and prevent rotting(inhibition of microbial growth, such as virus and bacteria) in the intestines.
In addition, they have calcium antagonism, high vital activation energy, small water molecule structure, contains abundance oxygen, equal pH to body(pH Balance), boost immune system, and bio memory and the ability to transfer biological information, etc. Its vital functions are the closest to those found in the living organic fluids.
It contribute to maintain healthy bodies and youth by protecting the cells and DNA’s, protecting our body from harmful elements, and strengthen immune system, normalize body functions by cell activation.

[Action Mechanism of Original WonYong π-Water Products]
WonYong π-Water has the similar bioorganic & life mechanisms as found in organic water, such as cellular water supporting DNA, nucleus, mitochondria, chlorophyll, and cellular membrane and body fluids, including blood and lymph.
WonYong π-Water palpates activation of living things(reinforcement of immunity), and adjusts the balance of the negative(-) and positive(+) state of living body(adjusts the balance of harmonic metabolism) by control oxidation reduction reaction(control chemical reaction ; protects us from various hazardous and toxic substances), has anti-oxidation effect (neutralization free radicals ; resulting in prevention of diseases), reinforces biological tissues to protect living organisms from viral attacks, calcium antagonism, maintain biological homeostasis.
In addition, WonYong π-Water contains ferric-ferrous salts that memorizes and transfers biological data and activates life mechanisms.
WonYong π-Water containing ferric-ferrous salts treated with living body materials strengthens the immunological mechanisms and self-healing processes. (high vital activation energy)
Therefore, WonYong π-Water is good for the moderns exposed to undesirable lifestyles and stressful environmental factors.

WonYong π-Water's Functions
1. Contribution to normalized growth (realization of balanced nutritional condition and prevention of deformity)
2. Promotion of growth and development (improvement of energy efficiency and promotion of growth and development)
3. Reinforcement of regeneration (reinforced recovery and regeneration of damaged cells and tissues)
4. Improvement of physiological functions (improvement of movement, digestion, absorption, and other physiological functions)
5. Reinforcement of adaptability (increased adaptability to temperature, light, and other environmental factors)
6. Inhibition of growth of pathogenic microorganisms and promotion of growth of good microorganisms (inhibition of growth of pathogenic microorganisms and reinforcement of immunity and resisting power)
7. Prevention of hazardous ions (protection of our bodies from hazardous metal ions, various hazardous chemical substances, and carcinogenic substances)
8. Purification of environmental pollutants (removal of odors, purification of water, and prevention of soil pollution)
9. Transfer of memorized information (WonYong π-Water is able to memorize and transfer biological characteristics and genetic data. WonYong π-Water maintains physiological conditions and promotes life actions. WonYong π-Water records and transfers life information.)

[The major features of WonYong π-Water]
1. It plays a role of protecting living body from harmful substance by suppressing oxidation and disintegration (Neutralizing the harm of active oxygen: Anti-oxidation action, Preventing action of hazardous ions: Controls oxidation reduction reaction), and
2. It protects the normal cell, and conducts the action of changing abnormal cell into normal (promotes the activation of cell) and acts Calcium antagonism,
3. It records the information on the biological activity, and conducts the action to activate biological activity in the living body (strengthening of immune system).

Main Characteristics of WonYong π-Water

[ These contents are protected under the copyright. So, the use of the contents without approval is prohibited under the current law.]

WonYong π-Water is the water very close to living body water essential for maintenance of life.

The vital organic water is what is the source of the living body and is the source of living activity.
- The living creature has the homeostasis (the characteristic which tries to maintain the normal status).
(adjusting the balance between yin and yang).
All living things adjust things so that they can maintain life and continue the living activities.
- The water contained in the cell of living things suppresses the oxidization-reduction activities.
It neutralizes the hazardous substance and discharges it to outside as urine.
(neutralization of oxidization and reduction = suppression of oxidization and reduction reaction)
- The iron (Fe) is not rotten inside the living things (anti-oxidization activity: removal of active oxygen)
- No bacteria grow in the cell of living things. (outside of the living things is the microbe while inside the living
things is the formation of defense mechanism with immunity)
- Inside the living things, the high molecule compounds are formed from low molecule compounds
(reaction of energy increase)
- Even in case of the plant growing in the muddy water, the water inside the plant is changed (no rotting).
- The media for information memorization and transfer is the infinitesimal amount of ferro ferrous salts
(transfer of memorized information).

LOTUS (Interior / Exterior)
If the muddy water enters into roots (living body), it becomes the vital organic water (
in which the iron is not rusted or no bacteria or virus can live.
The bad smell is converted to good aroma, making the plant vitalized (making
* The accurate understanding of organic water:
The fact that WonYong π-water is very close to living body water is that it is in a state closest to when the living thing is alive(a state of alive life) in case of plant water (meaning it means vitality), but not when it is dead.
When the living thing is dead, the organic water gets oxidized and deteriorated that its effects are getting lost as time goes by, which is different from WonYong π-water.

The original water of WonYong π-water is closest to the healthy living body water among many waters in the Earth. WonYong π-water is the water closest to the heathy amniotic fluid with the highest life vitalizing energy.

[WonYong Pi(π)-Water, Living body water] [Other Water]
Highly energized state of ferric-ferrous salts------------------------General minerals
Control oxidation reduction reaction(detoxication action)----Oxidation reduction reaction(Exposed to chemicals)
[Adjusts the balance of the negative(-) and positive(+) state]---[Imbalance]
Anti-oxidation(Remove free radicals)-----------------------------------Exposed to oxidation(Action free radicals)
Control hazardous and toxic substances------------------------------Action of harmful substances
Calcium antagonism--------------------------------------------------------No
Homeostasis (Maintain suitablity condition of living body)-------Changed by exterior environment
High energy(Activation energy of living body)-------------------------Low energy
Smaller molecular structure(plant organic water: 68 / π-Water: 53 hz)-Large molecule (130 hz)
Inhibition of rotting(Keep living body freshness)----------------------Rotting
Germ free(Control germ, bacterium)-------------------------------------Propagation germs, bacterium
Reduced entropy (recurrent, recovery)-----------------------------------Increased entropy (disintegrated, disorder)
Equal pH to body(pH balance)---------------------------------------------Excessive Acid, Alkaline(Danger to body)
[ Alkaline water cause renal diseases(kidney trouble), calculus(lithiasis), etc(unbalance). ]
High dissolved oxygen-------------------------------------------------------Low dissolved oxygen
Memorizes and transfers life information. (Action of ferric ferrous salts)---No
Lasting effects(It last its effects continuously.)
------------------------Easily change, lose, worsen, destroy
independent of time & temperature & environment, etc.
by time & temperature & environment, etc.

Ordinary water => Easy condition to ionization(oxidation and disintegration, etc.) => Changed by bad
environment(Oxidation, Disintegration, Rotting, Propagation bacteria, Pollution by
harmful substances)

WonYong π-Water => Action of infinitesimal ferric ferrous salts => Removes abnormal obstruction factor
(Anti-oxidation, Inhibition disintegration and rotting, Remove bacteria, Neutralizing
harmful chemicals, Improve environment) & Promoting activation of the living body
(Increase immunity, possess natural healing power)

WonYong π-Water is completely different from ordinary good water.
WonYong π-Water is completely different from mineral water, deep ocean water, hot spring water, alkaline water, ionized water, far infrared irradiated water, and magnetized water. It is also different from clean water rich in mineral.
WonYong π-Water employs mechanisms of living body water making us healthy.
WonYong π-Water is made by treatment of trace amount of ferric-ferrous salts-lipid complex (with memorized information on genetic characteristics), enzymes, etc to water. It is very close to living body water. Therefore, WonYong π-Water has characteristics of living body water constituting our human body.
Unlike other kinds of water, WonYong π-Water has complex and organic structure and functions, resulting in amazing effects.

The biggest differences between WonYong Pi(π)-Water and other kinds of water.

All the water on the earth such as mineral water, tap water, distilled water, well water, spring water, alkaline water, ion water, magnetized water, etc.
- Water to be rusted by iron
(oxidation; exposed at the active oxygen which is the principal offense).
- Water to be changed(contaminated) easily with harmful chemical substance
(oxidation reduction reaction ; contamination by toxic substance).
- Water to be rotten(proliferation of bacteria).
- Low energy water.
- Water which will lose effectiveness as time(& temperature etc.) goes by, and that easily affected by environment easily.

WonYong π-Water - The source technology of WONYONG
- Water which inhibite iron to rust
(strong anti-oxidation power - elimination of activated oxygen which is the principal offense)
- Water which has the power to make harmful chemical substance unharmful
(Control oxidation reduction reaction ; neutralization of harmful substance;
deionization action, keeping balance - adjusts the balance of the negative(-) and positive(+)
state of living body).
- Water which inhibite to rot(suppressing proliferation of virus, bacteria, etc.).
- Calcium antagonism
- Water whose effectiveness will be lasted regardless of time and environment.
(the effectiveness will be lasted regardless of time, temperature and environment by means of
unchangeable ferric ferrous salt.
- High energy(Vital activation energy, Living body activation) water.
- Water which has the ability of memorizing and transmitting information on the living body
(ferric ferrous salt - conducts action transmitting information on the living body).
- Water which acts in concert with living body[pH which acts in concert with living body(pH Balance), plentiful dissolved oxygen, keeping balance of living body], etc.

It may looks that WonYong π-water does not make much difference from ordinary water from the viewpoint of chemistry. However, it is completely different water from ordinary water when it comes to the fact that it adjusts the balance of living things, prevents the active oxygen and toxic effects by suppressing the oxidization and reduction activity, has the high vital energy, and has good preservation effects.

WonYong π-Water is a drinking water that has the strongest antioxidant action.
(V.O.W. Concentrate & TARAMA Pi-Water Ceramics are core substances for life that have the strongest antioxidant action in the world.)
[ Important of "Antioxidants" - 'Active oxygen(free radical)' cause diseases! ]
- WonYong π-Water removes noxious active oxygen(Free radicals).

All water(in the world) => ionization => Rust iron
WonYong π-Water => control ionization => Prevents iron rust

(Antioxidant Defense mechanisms against almost disease & aging)

It is excellent in suppressing or removing the harmful active oxygen, which is the principal cause of oxidation.
The rusting of iron and the aging and disease of human being are all due to the oxidation. The main culprit for the oxidation is the active oxygen. The removal or neutralizing the main culprit of oxidation, or active oxygen is the anti-oxidation power. WonYong π-water contains special ferric-ferrous salts. Due to the special induction reaction, the infinitesimal amount of ferric ferrous salts are activated into the highly energized state, finally making the strong anti-oxidation power. Accordingly, the WonYong π-Water which maintains the vital balance has the strong anti-oxidation power without any side effects(anti-oxidation substance: transfer of memory by the lipid compound of ferric ferrous salts and similar activities by SOD) that it removes the active oxygen.

We can get rid of the active oxygen(=free radical) without any side effects and ideal to our living bodies only by drinking the water which has the high anti-oxidation power also in the standard pH(equal pH to body) of our living bodies. The very water is WonYong π-Water.

Factors that Generate Active Oxygen (Harmful Oxygen ; Free radicals)
Inhaling oxygen (metabolism) / stress / smoking, drinking / ultraviolet rays, radiation, electromagnetic waves / excessive exercise / smog , exhaust gas, air pollution / infection from germs and bacteria / injection of anticancer drugs / ischemic, reperfusion / indigestion problems inside intestines, rotting, bad smelling stool / carcinogenic substances

Strong antioxidant effect by control oxidation reduction reaction

The Only Genuine WonYong π-Water prevents iron rust.
These special effects are only possible by original(genuine) WonYong Pi(π)-Water.
π-water(from Japan, U.S.A. etc.) can not actually demonstrate these effects at all.

Ordinary water

WonYong Pi-Ceramics

WonYong Pi-Concentrate
All waters other than the original WonYong π-water can not actually demonstrate these effects at all.

- WonYong
π-Water is excellent in removing the active oxygen, the main culprit of oxidation.
Even though WonYong π-Water is made through the study that the water inside cells is different from ordinary water such as tap water or distilled water, the main point is that it suppresses the active oxygen. As the living thing is the aerobic creature which makes energy using the oxygen, it can not live without oxygen. However, the oxygen has the oxidation-reduction power that when it is reduced, it makes toxic substance to give the living body hazard. The oxygen and its compound which have strong oxidation power is called the active oxygen. To protect our bodies from the damage of the active oxygen(=free radical), we should drink the water in equal pH to body which has high anti-oxidation power.

* Active oxygen(=Free radicals) : The oxygen which is inhaled into
the body is used for the oxidation and then the strong oxidative oxygen is
generated, which attacks the living organization and damages the cells.

Active oxygen(=Free radicals) harm health and have been shown as a chief cause that gives rise to various diseases. Many colleges and research laboratories have widely studied them medically and their results have been communicated to the public through mass media. Clinical and experimental results on animals have been published in academic journals.

WonYong π-Water intercepts rotting. [ Strengthen digestive system ]
WonYong π-Water is excellent at preventing rotting.
- Harmful germs are suppressed, and good germs are reproduced.
WonYong π-Water is especially good at preventing rotting/decaying, maintaining freshness and preserving freshness. WonYong π-Water keep food very fresh. You can maintain food freshly for very long time. Moreover, WonYong π-Water makes food taste excellently.
Foods' rotting and problems with maintaining groceries's freshness can be taken care of by using WonYong Pi-Water. You need to experience WonYong Pi-Water's wonderful benefits.

- WonYong π-Water prevents abnormal fermentation in the intestines.
- WonYong π-Water suppress propagation of bacterium.

WonYong π-Water removes bad bacteria, and propagates good bacteria.
- WonYong Pi-Water are excellent at preventing rotting, and keeping freshness.
( Excellent for freshness preservation )

(Anti-bacterial Defense mechanisms against bacteria.)

WonYong π-water makes an environment where good bacteria can grow by suppressing bad bacteria or virus which prevents the activation of living things. Bacteria or other harmful virus is unicellular microbe and harmful to health and lives around the ion reaction system of water. π-water inhibits the ion reaction and changes the balance status of bacteria that it makes an environment where harmful bacteria can not survive. Accordingly, the living things get resistant against disease. In other words, this function prevents the corrosion as the WonYong π-water inhibits the activity of corrosion bacteria or other virus but helps the benevolent bacteria such as yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and lactobacillus bifidus.
WonYong π-water is strong in inhibiting the corrosion that it suppresses the creation of carcinogenic substance.

Rotting Test

yellow + white of an egg

yellow of an egg

- WonYong π-Water prevents abnormal fermentation in the intestines.
As the bad smell of excretion is generated by abnormal fermentation of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, you should worry the possible disease if your excretion has bad smell. For example, we can find that chicken or pigs raised with WonYong
π-water does not make bad smell. Drinking WonYong π-water inhibits the activity of bacteria which makes bad changes in the internal organs of animals. If WonYong π-water is used for animals, it reduces the number of bacteria inside the animals but helps the beneficial bacteria, thereby making the excretion in good state and making the bad smell reduced.
The fact that the corrosion is reduced in the internal organ, or prevented means that the harmful colon bacillus is difficult to grow there and that the beneficient virus such as lactobacillus or lactobacillus bifidus fills it. That excretion smells bad means the bacteria inside the organs are aggravated a lot. As the bad bacteria causes the bad smell, it can cause a lot of diseases. Excretions from animals which drink general water are not good for fertilizer directly since they have toxicity. However, the animal which drink WonYong π-water is healthy and does not make toxicity as harmful bacteria is kept under control inside the organs. Its excretion does not have toxicity for good natural fertilizer when no further fermentation process is conducted. Drinking WonYong π-water removes the harmful bacteria, toxicity and active oxygen which are generated by the corrosion of harmful bacteria and then activates the metabolism, thus making the body be in good state.

[ Mystery of WonYong π-Water ] - Mummy(Anti-rot)

The fish which has lived and after make it died in π-water does not rot but becomes a mummy
(powerful anti-rotting effect) whereas ordinary water impossible with the phenomena.
Explain the picture: Fish mummy in
π-water(WonYong π-ceramic soaked in water)

These special effects are only possible by original(genuine) WonYong Pi(π)-Water.
Imitation π-water(from Japan, U.S.A. etc.) can not actually demonstrate these effects at all.
All waters other than the original WonYong
π-water can not actually demonstrate these effects at all.

WonYong π-Water controls oxidation reduction reaction.[Neutralization & detoxification action]
Adjusts the balance of the negative(-) and positive(+) state of living body.
(Detoxification action - Make toxin into harmlessness)
- It is effective to liver trouble & kidney trouble & toxin relation diseases.
- WonYong π-Water make noxious chemicals to innoxious. The action of detoxification(neutralizing poison)
Control ionization => Prevent to disintegration => Protecting organization of living body(protein & cells and so on)

Water which suppresses the oxidation-reduction reaction
[Neutralization of hazardous substance].
The ordinary water does have the oxidation-reduction reaction
but the WonYong
π-water suppresses the reaction.

Cancer has been the main cause of death because there have been so many hazardous ions (carcinogenic substances) generated from artificial chemical materials (agricultural chemicals, chlorine, preservatives, coloring agents, antioxidants, antibiotics, residual chemicals, pollutants, and others).
[Origins of toxic substances: polluted water / polluted air / polluted soil / endocrine disruptors / active oxygen / carcinogenic substances / heavy metals / acidic wastes / chemicals (drug abuse) / fast foods (instant foods) / antibiotics used for raising livestock / various foods contaminated with agricultural chemicals, etc.]
WonYong π-Water is able to inhibit ionization of hazardous chemical substances. Usual water does not have such inhibition effect, so it becomes contaminated (ionization, deterioration, oxidation, rotting, act toxicity). However, WonYong π-Water has control oxidation reduction reaction(keeping balance of living body) function, preventing ionization & contamination. Since it does not chemically react with toxic or hazardous substances, WonYong π-Water protects our body from various hazardous ions from agricultural chemicals, heavy metals, and other kinds of hazardous chemical substances. Its control ionizing power (Control oxidation reduction reaction) prevents toxic effects of hazardous active oxygen or chemical substances (carcinogenic substances) on our bodies. In general, toxic substances are dissolved in water, leading to ionization and reaction with other molecules. WonYong π-Water has the control-ionization function (detoxification) to block the effects of toxic substances on our body.
When exposed to hazardous chemical substances, usual water has undesirable waves. Polluted vegetables or fruits, foods with agricultural chemicals, and processed foods with preservatives also show such undesirable waves. If it is not possible to completely escape from such chemical substances, drink WonYong π-Water to block their attacks. Toxic effects of such hazardous substances in our modern society can be prevented by WonYong π-Water (detoxification).

* Correct understanding of suppression of ionization :
The activity of living things is done with the ionization activity of substance. The life can not be sustained without ionization. The suppression of ionization may be mistakenly interpreted that the ionization action is stopped. WonYong π-water suppresses the oxidation and reduction reaction. Accordingly, it may be interpreted as "Neutralization of harmful ion". The reason why the strong acid or strong alkali is hazardous is that it can not neutralize the toxic but does only the reduction reaction (for strong alkali) or reduction. In other words, WonYong π-water suppresses the hazardous reaction such as the harmful or excessive reaction (unbalance)
* It has the neutralizing power. [Smart water, excellent water, WonYong π-water: In the equal body pH state, the strongest anti-oxidation power created. - It has not only the power to keep the neutrality(energy balancing between yin and yang) but also strong anti-oxidation power.]
- The mechanism in which the anti-oxidation substance and toxic suppressing substance of
living body is that it gives the water a suppressing power of the ionization(neutralization) of hazardous ion. In other words, it prevents the hazardous active oxygen or substance from reacting but permits the normal metabolism to be conducted.
This kind of action is possible as the WonYong π-water gets the functions similar to the living organic water.

[ Mystery of WonYong π-Water] - Fish living in the potassium cyanide

[Detoxification action]
Fish Toxicity test (Neutralization & detoxication action of WonYong π-Water)
Prepare general water and WonYong π-Water(WonYong V.O.W. Concentrate raw material or WonYong π-Water Ceramics raw material), and put several tens ppm of potassium cyanide into them respectively. Provided that it needs enough reaction. After that, if fish were put into each water respectively, all the fish at the testing tool in general water with potassium cyanide were killed in a few minutes, while those in WonYong π-Water with potassium cyanide were swimming healthily without being killed.
* This effect is about WonYong π-Water(V.O.W.) Concentrate raw material, and WonYong π-Water Ceramics raw material.

[Anti-ionization reaction test] - Suppression of harmful substance

Suppression of hazardous ion (Example of facility soil)
: We can take examples of repeated cultivation hindrance and base hindrance as the examples of deteriorating environment due to it.

* Removal of base hindrance by the return treatment with WonYong π-water.
1. pH neutralization: from pH 4 ~ 6 pH 7
a. It makes the fertilizer ingredient associated with soil colloid be absorbed into plant efficiently.
As the ion of H+, the activities of fertilizer ingredient become activated.
b. Exchanging with the acid factor of H+ such as K+, NH4+, Mg2+ and Ca2+, it is combined into soil colloid.
c. Combining of H+ ion with different negative ion or becoming to H2), the ingredient of fertilizer becomes
easy to act. (The inhibition of ionization of harmful ion becomes effective)
2. Lowered electric conductivity(EC): EC 1.0

* Removal of repeated cultivation hindrance through the return treatment with WonYong π-water.
1. Increase of soil contents: by 2 or 4 times from before.
2. Lowered phosphate absorption coefficient: by 20-30% from before the application.

Reason why fresh water fish can live in WonYong π-salty water, suppression of reaction of excessive calcium mineral (control of calcium concentration)...etc.
WonYong π-water maintains homeostasis by balancing between yin and yang. With the inhibiting power of harmful substance, WonYong π-water keeps the animals and plants protected from harmful chemical substances.

* It neutralizes the acid soil by treatment with WonYong π-water (from pH 4~6 of facility soil to pH 7).
The acid soils across the country due to the acid rain, the main culprit of environmental contamination can be solved with WonYong π-water (neutralization of acid soil). The difficulty in repeated cultivation and base inhibition are all due to the harmful substance in soils. They are getting solved with the use of WonYong π-water. (Soils should be recognized as a biosystem. As the metabolism is performed with the organic water combined with the vital organic system, the WonYong π-water solves the problems by changing the water inside the soil which is already dying with the accumulation of harmful substance into the WonYong π-water having a strong backup power to the biosystem.

All waters other than the original WonYong π-water can not actually demonstrate these effects at all.
[ Mystery of WonYong π-Water ] - Saltwater fish and freshwater fish live together

Both of saltwater fish and freshwater fish both live together in WonYong π-Water.

"The common breeding of fresh water fish and sea water fish using the WonYong π-water is exhibited without change of water at all times.
This is possible because the WonYong π-water is composed of the organic water which is closest to the water inside the living things and inhibits the harmful ion.
Only the original WonYong π-water can raise the common breeding of sea water fish and fresh water fish without giving stress to fish.

Calcium antagonism

WonYong π-Water is harmonized water(& pH Balance-Normalize body pH) with the living body. (Its pH is well harmonizing with living body ; pH 7~7.4)
[ Excessive acid water, alkaline water are danger to body. ]
[ alkaline water cause renal diseases(kidney trouble), calculus(lithiasis), etc(unbalance). ]
As WonYong π-water controls the oxidation-reduction reaction, it has a strong antioxidant effect. Also it is stable (as π-water does not change due to the stable preservation of ferric-ferrous salts for a long period of time regardless of time, and environment) and safe (as it is in consistent with the principle of living organic water ; pH Balance ; Not low or high pH value). In other words, it is the next generation functional water.
As one of key characteristics of WonYong π-water, it is the water closest to organic water in the human body and plants. So, WonYong π-water does not have any side effects even though it is drunken much or for a long period of time. Different from other water, it shows an excellent effect on the body regardless of ambient environment. So it is getting applied to a lot of fields such as health, purifier, foods, beverage, cosmetics, water treatment, livestock and agricultural industry and environmental industry, etc.
Generally, the alkaline ionized water is controlled for its water to be pH8.0 or higher. But the excessively high alkaline water is bad for health. In other words, alkaline ionized water can give bad effect[side effect; ill-balanced by excess pH; Causes calculus(lithiasis), etc(unbalance).] on the body. Therefore, people who want to drink alkaline water are recommended to consult with doctor.
Alkaline water have side-effects, so aviod of drinking, especially danger drinking much or drinking long period of time. [Warning] Renal diseases(Kidney trouble) patient MUST NOT drink alkaline ionized water.
In addition, the water from a reverse osmosis purifier is acid and also the distilled water which has not minerals at all is not good for health. The reverse osmosis purifier makes water removed of minerals so that even fish can not live in the water from it. As the acid water not only facilitates the oxidation but also melts down the alkaline ingredient inside the bone, the long term drinking of those water may give a severe health problem to body.
According to World Health Organization(WHO), the pH standard for drinking water is pH 6.5 to 8.5.
(Water quality standard: pH 6.5 ~ 8.5 in U.S, pH 5.8 ~ 8.6 in Japan and pH5.8 ~ 8.5 in Korea.)
* Fish can not survive in strong alkaline water, strong acid water, or distilled water using reverse osmosis type purifier.

WonYong π-Water maintain its effects continuously, regardless of time, temperature and environmental conditions. Lasting effects(It last its effects continuously.)
WonYong π-Water's effectiveness is well maintained (long-term maintenance of effectiveness), which is an outstanding difference from other kinds of water.
1. Lasting effects (& Molecular structure of π-Water is maintained even after long periods.)
2. Even when π-Water meets hazardous materials, π-Water will not lose its power to protect living things.
In other words, WonYong π-Water maintain its effects, regardless of time, temperature and environmental conditions. This is an important difference from other kinds of water.

Hot spring water, magnetized water, electrolyzed alkaline water, and other kinds of waters not only have weak effect but also they lose their structures and return into usual water after a couple of hours. So, they cannot maintain their original properties for long periods. In addition, when they meet hazardous materials, they will be deteriorated soon. Further, when they meet chemicals or lime etc, they lose their properties.
However, WonYong Original π-Water is different. WonYong π-Water maintains original and unique molecular structure due to ferric-ferrous salts. In addition, when WonYong π-Water meets hazardous materials, WonYong π-Water inhibits their toxic effects.
Ferric-ferrous salts memorizes molecular structure and transfers such data. This is the property only π-Water has.

WonYong π-Water has high vital energy(Life energy).
(Vital activation energy, Living body activation)

- After drink WonYong Pi-Water, fingers Kirlian photo: Diffusion of light (AURA Energy)

[ Mystery of WonYong π-Water ] - Goldfish's life extension in airtight container

Goldfish's life extension in airtight container(Life energy).
(Filled with WonYong
π-Ceramics or WonYong π-Water Concentrate or WonYong π-Water)
Goldfish survives long running(Life extension) without feed in airtight container whereas ordinary water impossible with the phenomena.

Filled with WonYong Pi-Ceramics in tap water

Filled with WonYong Pi-Water Concentrate
All waters other than the original WonYong π-water can not actually demonstrate these effects at all.

WonYong π-Water protects normal body cells and normalizes abnormal cells.
WonYong π-Water recovers abnormal body cells. (abnormal cells => normal cells)
- WonYong
π-Water contributes to homeostasis.


WonYong Pi(π)-Water egg



General : Pig flesh(dark-red color)
Pi(π)-Water : Pig flesh(light pink color)

π-Water normalizes, activates, and stabilizes physiological conditions. Further, it protects our human body from hazardous materials. In short, WonYong π-Water is called "the mysterious water". It is a delicious beverage good for our health. In addition, it contains ferric-ferrous salts memorizing and transferring data on desirable physiological conditions. So, its efficacy is maintained regardless of external conditions. Moreover, when you are out of desirable physiological conditions, you can get normalized conditions with this water. WonYong π-Water controls physiological conditions of human beings, animals, and plants, leading to balanced growth.
WonYong π-Water has natural healing power, so it is also called "natural restoring water".
Living organisms have a tendency of increasing entropy, but WonYong π-Water decreases entropy, causing natural restoration. Therefore, it has the power of restoring physiological conditions.
Living organisms have the power of treating injuries. However, such power may be inhibited by environmental conditions. WonYong π-Water strengthens such regeneration power, resulting in quick restoration and recovery of damaged cells and tissues. WonYong π-Water normalizes abnormal cells and make them healthy. π-Water has amazing recovery and restoration power. In other words, WonYong π-Water controls physiological environments of living organisms and makes the foundation for healthy life. In addition, WonYong π-Water purifies water to protect environmental system and decreases the entropy level. For balanced and healthy life, WonYong π-Water increases the immunity and natural healing power and contributes to maintenance of health. It is good for prevention or treatment of diseases or disorders. So, WonYong π-Water can be used in the fields of cosmetic, agriculture, livestock, and fishery industries.

Wonyong π-Water has the natural healing power. (Natural Restoring Water)
WonYong π-Water has power of "restoration to the original state" and recovery.

WonYong π-Water has the smallest clusters of molecules.

Structured molecules & Better hydration of cells
We can find out one common property when we research on longevity village Water, fruit of painted maple (Gorosoi Namu), and other fruit of plants. It is that they have the structure of small cluster of water molecules. Cell inside the living thing is shaped small sphere in order for it to protect the cells and to help the cell grow. It has been found that the structure of water makes big influence on the maintaining of living things.
Analysis of water using NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) shows that the WonYong π-water is consisted of small and regular water molecule.

Analysis of water using the NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance).
Basic description: The lower the measured figure is, the smaller the cluster (of water molecule) is.
As the cluster size is smaller, the water can be absorbed into the body more easily without the loss of energy.

The smallest NMR result of WonYong π-Ceramics : 50.3Hz ...[Data Click!!]

[ Features of smaller cluster of water ]
1. It is absorbed faster and effectively. 2. It is soft and tasty. 3. It feels good even though we drink it a lot.
4. It boils quickly with good heat transfer property. 5. It is good for health (Water with smaller cluster is known to have good influence on health).

- WonYong π-Water has low boiling point.
You can save on gas. WonYong Pi(π)-Water makes food draws well.

WonYong π-Water has slow evaporation speed.

WonYong π-Water contains abundance oxygen.
WonYong Pi-Water have not only much oxygen but also anti-oxidation effect.
It is the water having special capability with high anti-oxidation power and high amount of dissolved oxygen.

WonYong Pi-Ceramics generates lots of minute air(oxygen) bubbles.
Air(oxygen) bubbles generated by WonYong Pi-Ceramics.

WonYong π-Water contains balanced minerals.
- Component: Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, etc.

WonYong π-Water has wonderful taste of water like tree sap.

Boost immunity [ Strengthen immune system ]

WonYong π-Water memorizes, maintains, copies, and transfers information on biological characteristics and genetic properties. (Information Water; Memory Water)
(WonYong π-Water: memorizes and transfers life information. Ferric-ferrous salts: transfer of genetic information)

One of the most important features WonYong π-Water has is to memorize and transfer genetic information. π-Water memorizes and transfers specific data on physiological conditions. In addition, such memorization and transfer of data occur only when such acts are beneficial to us.
Trace amount of ferric-ferrous salts in WonYong π-Water memorizes and transfers physiological data. So, it acts as a carrier of genetic information. Our own original π-Water technology realizes complete control of such ferric-ferrous salts-lipid complex with the ability to memorize and transfer genetic information, resulting in amazing products.
Examples) WonYong's "π-Vaccine", "TARAMA π-Seed Treatment Solution"

What is "π-Vaccine(anti-virus) Technology"?
Conventional vaccine products have some adverse reactions during formation of antibodies because lots of live microorganisms are injected. However, π-Vaccine is made by memorizing trace amount of bacteria into π-Water according to a special method. So, π-Vaccine has no adverse reactions. It can be safely and efficiently used to promote formation of antibodies.

π)-Vaccine Concentrate
* What is the Pi(π)-Vaccine. Serum test report(created antibody)...[Click!!]
Putting into practical usage of the pi-water's memorizing and transferring information, from many kinds of vaccine, using infinitesimal amounts of it, memorizing the immune power, and once drinking animals this pi-vaccine, enhance immunity and prevent disease without stress.
Ultimately, pi-vaccine prevent diseases by infinitesimal amounts of vaccine.

TARAMA Pi(π)-Seed Treatment Solution
Treatment of seeds in TARAMA Pi-Seed Treatment Solution will transfer genetic information into seeds. Especially, even plants vulnerable to low temperature may grow at low temperature when they are treated to receive the genetic information on growth at low temperature. Such treatment may cause plants making flowers in spring to bloom in fall.
Accordingly, WonYong π-Water has the characteristics of memorizing, maintaining, and transferring biological properties and genetic information.
Applicability of
π-Water to molecular or genetic level is beyond our thinking. Now, we are concentrating on studies on application of π-Water to genetic control.

[Studies on WoonYong π-Water - Memorization and Transfer of Genetic Information]
Why do flowers come out? (study on genetic elements controlling the flowering time)
Blooming mechanism for spring flowers:

Example] 1) Light period (length of day and night), 2) Temperature for growth, 3) Spring flowers (exposure to low temperature for a specific period required for blooming), 4) the amount of plant hormone.
In principle, light acceptors record the amount and intensity of light and transfer such data to a specific gene controlling the flowering time to make flowers. The mediator for recording and transferring such genetic information is trace amount of ferric-ferrous salts (contained in all living things).

The route of migratory birds or fish
Many studies revealed that the information on such migration route is contained in ferric-ferrous salts.
- When young salmons go to the sea, data on the latitude and longitude of their birthplaces are engraved in the form of magnetic field.
All waters other than the original WonYong π-water do not show such kinds of effects.

Why WonYong π-Water are excellent for health and beauty ?
The only π-Water quality in the world, "WonYong π-Water"

About Anti-Oxidation effect.

- WonYong Pi-Water removes noxious active oxygen.
Water rusts iron. But, WonYong Pi-Water prevents iron rust.

[ Oxidation reaction ]
Iron Rust
Fruit/Egg/Fish (agricultural products / livestock products / marine products) Rotting
Flower Wither
Skin Wrinkles, discoloration on the face
Human body Aging ( decrease immunity raise disease )

What is Active oxygen(Free radicals) ?
Our body is rusted. Active oxygen rusts our body.
Active oxygen attacks cells and DNA(genetic code & cell's control center),
So it cause many kinds of chronic disease and aging.

[Kind of Active oxygen] ...[ DATA Click!! ]
* Active oxygen [( Free radical, Oxygen free radical, Reactive oxygen radical) ]
(superoxide radical: O2-), (hydrogen peroxide: H2O2), (hydroxyl radical:��HO), (singlet oxygen: 1O2)

[Genome Project]
's "Genetic Map" showes that many disease caused by changed gene.
This means ;
If cancer controlling gene is distroyed by active oxygen => outbreak cancer
If diabete controlling gene is distroyed by active oxygen => outbreak diabetes

The main cause of generating active oxygen(Free radical)
Active oxygen damages our all body continuously.
The causes of generating active oxygen are divided into two parts.
"the interior of the body" and "the exterior of the body".
* The interior of the body: oxygen replacement in the cell, inflammation, disease condition,
normal replacement process, formation by leucocyte, etc.
* The exterior of the body: Stress, tobacco fumes, radiation, sunlight, drugs, insecticide,
harmful chemicals, air or water pollution, etc.

Disease caused by active oxygen ...[ DATA Click!! ]
Active oxygen damages our body continuously. Cell, tissues, hormone, protein, genetic code...
Almost diseases are caused by active oxygen. Cancer, diabetes, atopic and so on...
Oxidation(rust) brings 90% disease.

[Progress Process about cancer by active oxygen]
Attacked the cell membrane and DNA(genetic code & cell's control center) => Cell dies or becomes mutation
=>grow neoplastic cell => transfer from an original site of disease to another part of the body => cancer

[Several disease caused by active oxygen ; Chart Click!!]

Antioxidant Water(Remove active oxygen)?
Why antioxidant WonYong Pi-Water is considered as a absolutely necessity?

Our body is rusted. Active oxygen rusts our body.
Active oxigen attacks cells and DNA(genetic code & cell's control center),
So it causes many kinds of chronic disease and aging.
Oxidation means "rust iron","Cutted fruit change black or yellow color", "rotted", etc.
Preservting this power is anti-oxidation. Another word, "preserve iron being rust", "preserve being rot"
90% of our body cells are filled with water.
If you fill interior & exterior body cells with high level anti-oxidant water, it acts the highest anti-oxidation.
It is important to drink the water in equal pH to body(pH
balance) which has high anti-oxidation power to keep the living body without any side effects and ideal to our living bodies from harmful active oxygen(=free radical).
This very water is WonYong π-Water.

Why we have to drink WonYong π-Water?
: WonYong π-Water is a water that has strongest antioxidant effect(anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-hypertension and etc.), & equal pH to our body(pH
balance ; Normalize body pH), inhibit effects from hazardous chemicals(Controls oxidation reduction reaction ; detoxification action) and prevent rotting(inhibition of microbial growth, such as virus and bacteria).
Furthermore, they have calcium antagonism, high vital activation energy, small water molecule structure, contains abundance oxygen, and bio memory and the ability to transfer biological information, etc,,, the water which makes our bodies most efficient.

The world's only special antioxidant Water(Remove active oxygen)
It is important to drink the water in equal pH to body(pH balance) which has the strongest anti-oxidation power to keep the living body without any side effects and ideal to our living bodies from harmful active oxygen(=free radical).
This very water is WonYong

■ Why WonYong π-Water is considered as a absolutely necessity?
90% of our body cells are filled with water. If you fill interior & exterior body cells with high level π-Water, it act by the highest effects.
It is important to drink the water in equal pH to body which has high detoxification action, anti-oxidation power, calcium antagonism(Calcium antagonist properties), high vital activation energy(Life energy), etc., to keep the living body without any side effects and ideal to protect our living bodies from harmful active oxygen(=free radical), etc., harmful element(factor). This very water is WonYong π-Water.

Why we have to drink WonYong π-Water?
: WonYong π-Water is a water that has the strongest antioxidant effect(anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-hypertension and etc.), & equal pH to our body, inhibit effects from hazardous chemicals(Controls oxidation reduction ; detoxification action) and prevent rotting(inhibition of microbial growth, such as virus and bacteria). Furthermore, they have calcium antagonism(Calcium antagonist properties - Improve blood circulation, etc.), high vital activation energy(Life energy), small water molecule structure, contains abundance oxygen, and bio memory and the ability to transfer biological information, etc,,, the water which makes our bodies most efficient.

■ Ideal water for our body :

Water is the main substance in metabolism, it is the key point
to use or drink the water harmonizing to living bodies organism.

WonYong π-Water is the closest water to the living body water keeps lives in the body cells. Water is the main substance in metabolism, it is the key point to use or drink the water harmonizing to living bodies organism. The more close water to the living body fluid, the less losing of energy, in the metabolism, this adjusts disharmony, changes abnormal to normal. The water which makes our body activating maximum which all the ability, the living body has. It makes our body most efficient.

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