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Recently, we can hear and meet the news about high rising of
interest and attention on the P
i(π)-Water through worldwide.
Because it is tightly relate with serious worsen of life-environmental
issues in these days.
It is reported that the P
i(π)-Water is considerable effective on sick of
hypertension, cancer, diabetes and fatal diseases, accordingly assure
human beings to sustain healthful life.
It is well known that water is the largest contents in the body of living things.
We drink and ingest water into the body and some of them are discharged out of body.
Consequently, ingested water quantity into the body may seriously affected on health
and life span of human beings. It means water is quite a important thing as much as life itself.
Fortunately, we are realizing the Pi
(π)-Water is a kind of excellent functional water for saving
the mankind from environmental contamination.
We have been suppling the Pi
(π)-Water through a lot of succcessful achievement of developing
and practical use on Human health program, industrials, environmental improvement.
We sincerely would like to make our best effort to concentrate Human health program &
environmental improvement through constant research & development and
practical utilization for infinity of technical application field.

  President, Geol Namgung  
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