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Pi(π)-Water technology by WONYONG CO., Ltd.

- Family Company with Inje University(Paik hospital foundation), WONYONG
...[See details]
- Authorized New-High-Tech Industry(Which is designated from the government)
Our company is assigned with its new technology and potential power of the business
by the government Authority.
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- As the authorized prospective exporting company, we're approved with the quality,
technical power, international competitive power by the government bodies.
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WONYONG Co.,Ltd. is the company which has the original Pi-Water technology.
We produce all kind of genuine pi-water goods and supply them through overseas market.
WONYONG Co.,Ltd. is the only pi-water producer that has the original pi-water technology.
Pi-Water is made by applying the living body mechanism, and it is almost identical with our living body water.
And it's high effective, essential to our bodies. It works out in vitalizing, and caring bodies.
And it is now being applied medical, health, drinking water, purifier, foods, cosmetics, water treatment, agriculture, livestock, marine, industries, environments, etc.

WonYong Pi(π)-Water technology accomplished by educational-industrial-Institute-government complex research & development project. ["WONYONG R&D center" & "industry-academic cooperation R&D with Inje University(Paik hospital foundation)" & "National project of Korea government(Performance technological innovation development project in Korea-Supported by Korea government)"]
WONYONG is the only genuine π-Water(authentic quality) manufacturer in the world.

Classification of Genuine WonYong Pi(π)-Water Technology:
- High Energy Functional Water : TARAMA WATER. Applicable to various fields for healthy life.

1. Highly-refined WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate Solution [ High Energy WonYong Pi(π)-Water Drops ]
: V.O.W. Concentrate [Vital Organic Water™ Drops ; WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate]

2-1. Highly-energized WonYong Pi(π)-Water Ceramic [ Used "WonYong Pi(π)-Water Ceramic for soaking type" ]
: WonYong Pi(π)-Water Cartridge [WonYong Pi(π)-Water Generator ; Soaking type]

2-2. WonYong Pi(π)-Water Filter System as High Energy Drinking Water
: WonYong Pi(π)-Water Filter System [Multi-uses : Household use / Industrial use ; Filter type]

3. π-Vaccine(Anti-Virus) technology
: WonYong Pi(π)-Vaccine

The world's only genuine π-Water by π-Water original theory(principle)
Genuine WonYong π-Water
Original π-Water Technology _ WONYONG Corp.

* WONYONG Co.,Ltd. The Research and Development Division
- Contract a industry-academic cooperation R&D with Inje University(Paik Hospital foundation)

* Pi-Water special technology(By WonYong Co.,Ltd.) supported by Korea government.
- Performance "technological innovation development
project(national project in Korea)" and so on.

National project(Korea) of WONYONG Pi-Water technology
Report of national project in Korea(
Technological innovation development project)

Original Pi(π)-Water supplied by WonYong.
We are manufacturing and supplying the original π-Water based on the principle of π-Water.
We supplies our genuine
π-Water to all over the world with best quality.

President: Geol Namgung
■ CEO Profile
△ Graduate YONGSAN HIGHSCHOOL (http://yongsan.cschool.net)
△ Graduate HANYANG UNIVERSITY (Materials, Ceramic Engineering)
△ Chosun Refractories (head director) (http://www.chosunref.co.kr)
△ KUMGANGKOREA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. (the head of institute)
(Now, KCC Corporation)
[Ceramic industry association: Technique prize for ceramic industry]
[ a factory manager(a plant superintendent)] (http://www.fskrc.co.kr)
- Technical cooperation with C-E company (U.S.A)
- Technical cooperation with 九州 耐火 煉瓦(株) company (JAPAN)
- Technical cooperation with I KARRENA GmbH company (GERMANY)
△ Graduate School Gyeongsang National University (a master of Materials Engineering) (http://www.gsnu.ac.kr , http://nongae.gsnu.ac.kr/~daewon)
△ Technical cooperation with GENYU Co.,Ltd. (JAPAN)
△ Study & research & develop of original π-Water technology.
△ Establish InJe University R&D Center (http://www.inje.ac.kr)
△ WONYONG Co.,Ltd. C.E.O.
△ Accomplished national R&D project with Industry-Academic-Institute-Korea government.
(Professional with 40years Experience on Bio, Ceramic & New Materials R&D)

▲ The world's foremost authority on Pi-Water

Company CI(logo):

Registered Trade Mark of Original Pi-Water product :

TARAMA is a Trade Mark of the products from WonYong.
TATAMA is a Symbol of Purification and Vitalism.
TARAMA is a Sanskrit word means Lotus Flower.
Lotus grows in muddy pond. It gets water and energy from muddy water.
Lotus purifies the water and produces vitality.
Because of such function Lotus becomes a symbol of holy things.
It is used for Buddha's seat design.
WonYong's TARAMA Products helps living things to be healthy and beautiful.

At WonYong, the "TARAMA" trade mark is used for our Genuine Pi-Water (original product) related products. The "TARAMA WATER" is the brand name for our original Pi-Water, which is a WonYong's products.

TARAMA is a Sanskrit (India's high class language) word meaning a lotus flower. A lotus grows in a muddy pond by sucking in and filtering out the dirty water. Using the dirty water, the locus can make beautiful leaves and flowers based on its water purification ability. Based on application and improvements beyond and above Pi-Water's original technology, WonYong's products use the TARAMA trade mark, because they, like locus flowers, help in vitalizing (vitalize: living, healthy organic water) the organic fluids inside our tired and damaged body and protecting cells from excessive oxidation and damage (by active oxygen, carcinogenic elements, harmful substances, germs, decay, etc.) so that our health can be restored and maintained.

Medical treatment & human health business Segment
Cure a disease(change from abnormal condition to normal condition), maintaining and improving health condition
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate(V.O.W. Concentrate), WonYong Pi(π)-Water Ceramic Bag & Cartridge, WonYong Pi(π)-Water System, etc.

Drinking Water business Segment
Make excellent drinking water
WonYong Pi(π)-Water System, WonYong Pi(π)-Water filter.

Water treatment business Segment
Make excellent drinking water for industrial
(Application : office building, hospital, hotel, motel, restaurant, public bath, swimming pool, beverage / drinking water company, food processing plant, aquarium, dye house, water treatment company etc.)
WonYong Pi(π)-Water System, Industrial Pi(π)-Water System, Large City Pi(π)-Water System.

Food / Food processing (Pi-Water Treatment) business Segment
Improve food quality excellently, Prevent rottening of food.
# Food freshness preservation
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate for food treatment , WonYong Pi(π)-Water System, Freshness preservation sheet-"Ceracist"

Cosmetics business Segment
Restore damage of cells and tissues, Protect skin, Anti-Aging.
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Cosmetics, Micro mist, Beauty mask pack etc.

Agriculture business Segment
Promote growth, Make a repeated cultivation , Growing without agricultural medicines.
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate for agriculture [Pi(π) - Seed treatment, Pi(π) - Soil conditioner], Agriculture Growth Pi(π)-Water System : "Pi(π)-Rice" etc. Pi(π) - Pine activator.

Livestock business Segment
If applied to pigs, chicken, poultry, cattle, milch cow...etc, pi-water ensures healthy growth.
Promote growth, Improve flesh(make best fresh; first grade), Breeding without medicines.
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate for livestock, Pi(π)-Vaccine, Livestock Growth Pi(π)-Water System: "Pi-Chicken", "Pi-Egg" : the best flesh & taste.

Marine business Segment
Promote growth, Drop disease, Water improvement
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate for marine [Fodder additives activator], Fishery Growth Pi(π)-Water System: flatfish, prawn, eel, pearl, shell...raising, Live fish carry system

Environment business Segment
Water improvement(Swimming pool, Bathhouse, Water tank), Soil improvement(acid soil neutralization), remove harmfulness materials, Lake purification
WonYong Pi(π)-Water System, Deodorant : (TARAMA Deodorant Ace A/B)


- WONYONG Head Office -
Address : #1105, 1106, 1108, F-dong, Medical-Bio Techno Town,
Inje University, Eobang-dong, Gimhae-city, Korea
TEL : +82 - 55 - 326 - 7201
FAX : +82 - 55 - 326 - 7206
E-mail : piwater@wonyong.co.kr
Extra e-mail for emergency: wonyongkorea@hanmail.net
(You can use this e-mail if, piwater@wonyong.co.kr does not work.)

- Seoul office -
509, MegaCity Officetel, Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
(PO BOX : 135-934)

- Factory -
West Gimhae, Gimhae-city, Korea

- Research institute -
Live in Inje University Medical-Bio Techno Town

- Homepage -
WEBSITE : www.wonyong.co.kr

[ Original Pi-Water technology ]
Original π-Water = Pi-Water have made the research and development by WonYong.
"WonYong(Korea, Water Science Researcher, Namgung Geol)" have been studying the functional water, Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water) from on the organic water.
WonYong develped the new functional Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water), which is almost identical to the water in the body and the closest to organic water. The original technology that is supported by Korea government.(by "educational-industrial-Institute-government complex research & development project" at Inje University.)

1. "National project of Korea government(Performance technological innovation development project in Korea.
- WonYong π-Water Technology supported by Korea govenment)"
2. "Industry-academic cooperation R&D with Inje University(Paik hospital foundation)"
3. "WONYONG R&D center" collaborating with "Chairman of Aqua institute in Japan, Water Science Researcher, Tawara Hajime"

WonYong created ideal functional water(completely different from the existing functional water) to our body that is the only genuine π-Water[Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water)] in the world.

# WonYong is the only genuine π-Water manufacturer(The only right quality of π-Water) in the world.

Pi Water Pi-Water Copyright (c) WONYONG All right Reserved. E-mail : wonyongkorea@daum.net Pi-Water Pi Water
PiWater #1105, F-dong, Medical-Bio Techno Town, Inje University, Eobang-dong, Gimhae-City, KOREA Pi-Water