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Concentrated Pi-Water (for agriculture)

Seed soak in Pi - Seed treatment liquid.
Pi - Seed treatment make seed growing noticeably well after germinating.

[ Effects ]
1. improve germinate
2. increase root
3. Promote growth
4. reduce disease
5. endure from low temperature
6. increase fruit-bearing
Pi - Soil conditioner helps restore soil to an optimum state without the use of chemicals. (Use after dilute)

[ Effects ]

1. Make a repeated cultivation, saltish soil treatment
2. Promote growth
3. a root activate
4. make best soil condition(supply oxygen in soil)
5. Growing without agricultural chemicals.
6. acid soil change to normal soil (PH 5, 6 => PH 7.0)
Pi-Water agricultural products brand: [Pi - Rice] _ "high quality "
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Reference "Agriculture Growth Pi-Water System" [Click!!]


Pi - Pine activator helps pine to increase immunity and possess natural healing power.

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