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Concentrated Pi-Water (for livestock)

What is Pi - Vaccine ?

=>Pi - Vaccine make livestock immune from disease.
From many kinds of vaccine, it used infinitesimal amounts of vaccine.

When livestock drink this Pi - Vaccine, it make antibody and enhance immunity. ultimately, Pi - Vaccine protect disease using infinitesimal amounts of vaccine.

[ Effects ]
1. Promote power of resistance from disease
2. Reduce antibiotic or without antibiotic
3. Growing without chemicals, get rid of stress to livestock.
4. Protect human's health.

HI tested, Agar gel precipitation tested


[ Effects ]
1. healthy growth, reduce disease & fall dead (promote adaptability)
2. reduce excretion smell
3. increase weight
4. improve fresh grade
5. increase feed efficiency(reduce feed cost)
6. increase laying eggs, increase times of laying eggs, improve egg grade (a hen)

reduce bacteria of milk , prevent pus milk symptom(a milking cow)

Pi Water livestock products brand: [Pi - Chicken], [Pi - Egg] _ "high quality "

Reference "Livestock Growth Pi-Water System" [Click!!]
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