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The World's Only Genuine
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Cartridge
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Generator (Soaking into water tank)
Break the fixed idea about water! Water is NEVER all the same water.

Ultimate(Ideal) Water for Life, Excellent to Strengthen Immune System, Life Saving Water.
Experience Miraculous WonYong Pi(π)-Water Cartridge!

WonYong Pi(π)-Water Cartridge(for regular water tank)

WonYong Pi(π)-Water Tea Bag(for small water bottle)

"WonYong Pi(π)-Water Cartridge" is the WonYong Pi(π)-Water(health drink) generator which is created by the "WonYong Pi(π)-Water Technology(Highly-energized WonYong Pi(π)-Water Ceramic)", induced from the highly energized state of infinitesimal amount of ferric ferrous salts, found from living body water.

Putting "WonYong Pi(π)-Water Cartridge " into water makes WonYong Pi(π)-Water.
From natural ingredients, it's "WonYong Pi(π)-Water Cartridge", You can put into water tank.

Product name : WonYong Pi(π)-Water Cartridge
Size of body: 50mm (caliber) x 95mm
Life time : The usage of 750Liters(26,000oz.) / unit.

Product name : WonYong Pi(π)-Water Tea Bag
Size of body: 65mm x 95mm
Life time : The usage of 150Liters(5,200oz.) / unit.

Product name : TARAMA Pi(π)-Water Ceramic Stick / Size of body: 20mm (caliber) x 110mm (H)

* How to use:
Put “WonYong Pi(π)-Water Cartridge” into drinking water(water tank).
Follow "reaction time" per "volume of water tank" on the instructions.
It change to a "mellow taste", which will occur better health condition of your body.

Recommended for improving health condition

Ingredients : WonYong Pi(π)-Water Ceramic Balls(natural minerals).
Directions for use : Refer the instructions inside.
No artifical additives or chemicals added.
Manufacturer: WONYONG Corp.


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