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V.O.S. (Vital Organic Salt ; TARAMA Pi-Salt)



* VOS has the pyramid crystal and memorized by the strong vital energy.
* It is undulated and radiates the miracle energy of Bio organic body. Moreover its element is ionized, and very absorptive to organic bodies.
* Pi-salt with pyramid shape is applicable to almost all kind of symptoms of our bodies.
* There is no limit in taking it(common salt: below 10g)
This salt helps to maintain good condition of living bodies.
This VOS is prepared to have power in human blood and liquid in body.

VOS is made by Pi-Technology.
Common salt has the cubic crystal, but VOS has the pyramid shape that affects the strong life energy radiating from it.
Even the natural salt has some incredible energy that controls Bio body energy.
It also remembers the bio body energy data memory that normalize our bodies.

<Basic effects of the VOS>
 Effect of sterilization, disinfection.
 Kill pain, remove inflammation, suppression.
 Vitalize mental activities.
 Enhance secretion of digestive juices.
 Strengthen stomach function, help the function of digestion, remove waste materials.
 Activate blood circulation, normalize metabolism.
 Normalize intestines(prevent abnormal fermentation & propagate lactobacillus in the intestines.).
 Strengthen skin or mucous membrane.

How to use VOS
1) Direct use
* Put a small amount of VOS(Pi-Salt) in tea, coffee, wine etc.(0.1gram or less)
→ Make the taste be mild.
→ Save the sick feeling, bad drunk and hang over.
→ Use this VOS instead of normal table salt. It will be effective to control high blood pressure.
* Use VOS on the gum.
→ Stop tooth pain. Improve the periodontitis.
* Put 1 gram of VOS in bath water.
→ Good for health and decrease fatigue.

2) Diluted solution by water.
Dilute 1,000times(100cc cup, VOS 0.1g) ~ Dilute 100times(100cc cup, VOS 1g)
It is be diluted by VOW, the effect to be increased.

<Using ways of the VOS>
Put the VOS about 0.1~1%[dilute 1,000times(0.1%) ~ dilute 100times(0.9~1%)].
We can use it as the Pi-Salt water, Pi-Salt bath, Pi-Salt medicine with VOW.
* When you feel exhausted, fatigue, melt the 0.9~1% VOS(Pi-Salt) into the pi-water, and drink 100~150cc(a cup) then it removes fatigue, make your body feel refreshed.
It vitalizes your body metabolism.
* Eye fatigue or blurred vision -> Wash your eyes with 0.9% VOS(Pi-Salt) water
* Some throat troubles, like sore throat, phlegm or swelling -> Rinse the throat with VOS(Pi-Salt) water -> pain's killed and refreshed.
* Constipation
If you drink VOS(Pi-Salt) water habitually, you'll get the incredible effect with the constipation symptoms.
* Diarrhea
VOS(Pi-Salt) water also work out with the symptoms of diarrhea.
* Toothache
Use VOS(Pi-Salt) as a toothpaste, and it'll make tooth and gums healthy -> it even improves periodontitis.
* It works out with headache, shoulder, backache.
Put the salt itself on the spot of pain->Removes pain.
* Wound, burnt, stop bleeding, insect bite, bruise, sterilize wound, vitalize cells.
* Dip shirts or underwear into the VOS(Pi-Salt) water(0.9~1% melted) -> save pain, keep health, and good skin too.
* VOS(Pi-Salt) bath
Put the “VOS(1~2g)” or “VOW(2cc) with VOS(1g)” into the bath, the salt minerals are very absorptive to skin -> it also vitalizes our metabolism. Remove waste material reduce pain.

< Body improving cases with VOS>
# When feeling fatigue(exhausted)
Drink 100cc~150cc(VOS dilute 100~1,000times) -> refreshing, removing hangover, and intestinal disorder.
# A cold, rhinitis.
Rinse your nose, mouth with warm 0.9% solution several times a day. -> Improving chronic rhinitis, ease the symptoms.
# Sore throat or pain ; Feel pain or swelled, rinse it with the salt solution and then the membrane of throat will be vitalized, and pain vanishing.
# Constipation: drinking with Pi-Water improves symptoms.
# Tooth aching : Use it as a toothpaste -> Improve toothache, gums troubles like periodontitis.
# Wound, burns ; Save wound, burns, bruise, insect bite or stop bleeding.
# Headache, shoulder, backache :
Put the VOS itself on the spot of pain, then it'll work out with the symptoms incredibly.
# Neuralgia, menstrual troubles, pain, etc.
Put it to the water of bathtube then the minerals of it are absorbed to the skin and also vitalize our metabolism and remove waste material.
# Dermatitis, etc.
It also works out on the skin troubles or atopy dermatitis.

VOS for home remedy(good for the symptoms)
Remove fatigue, headache, stomachache.
Save sore throat, tooth pain.
Improve constipation, diarrhea.
Make most nose troubles mild.
Rapid cure injury burns or atopy.
Put it in bathtube, make skin mild.
Dipping under ware make them disinfected.

* It is not a medicine, but it is an excellent salt that makes our bodies healthy.




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